May 21, 2019

Lindisfarne tourists keep driving “into the North Sea”

Submarine cars seem to be a common sight for lifeboat crews in Northumberland.

A UK lifeboat volunteer says it is “quite bizarre” that tourists to Holy Island in Northumberland continue to try to drive on a tidal causeway outside safe crossing times.

In the latest incident an Australian couple became stranded on the Holy Island causeway and had to be rescued when their car was swamped by the incoming tide.

Ian Clayton of the Seahouses RNLI station nearby said it was the eigth rescue at Holy Island this year. “It’s incredible that people seem to think they can drive their cars into the North Sea,” he said.

“None of those who are caught out are locals, it’s always people who are visiting the area.”

The Holy Island causeway is under water twice every 24 hours “They all seem to think it’s not their fault, but they’ve totally ignored warning signs on both sides of the road,” said Mr Clayton.

Thousands of tourists visit Holy Island or Lindisfarne as it is also known, every year.

Mr Clayton said “A couple of years ago islanders specifically warned a man to leave the island before the tide came in, otherwise he would get stuck.”

“He pooh-poohed it, saying it was just something to frighten tourists, but half an hour later he was hanging onto the roof of his car and his wife was up to her chest in water, clinging on to their two children.”

“In one recent rescue a man had a virtually brand-new BMW,” he said.

“You do wonder what people put on their insurance claim forms in such cases.”

Newswarped would like to point out that most tourists have a general feeling of invincibility. Those visiting a site like Lindisfarne with its religious heritage probably have an even greater feeling of invincibility.