June 27, 2019

Liz Hurley admits love at first sight with Shane Warne

I guess we have come to terms at last with the reality that Liz really likes Shane.

British actress and model Elizabeth Hurley has revealed her relationship with Australian cricket legend Shane Warne began with love at first sight.

The relationship between Hurley and Warne has been blazing for months causing a media frenzy in Britain and Australia.

Liz Hurley split from husband Arun Nayar months ago and their divorce has now been granted.

Hurley has spoken of her fondness for Warne, insisting she was “instantly” attracted to him the moment they first met – but she admits their romance is a “challenge” because they live on opposite sides of the world.

“We come from very different worlds so I see that’s fascinating, if not odd, to many (fans). But it’s not often you meet people you instantly feel comfortable with, and when you find that – even if there are vast differences in background and experiences – it’s worth following through.”

“When you recognise you have a lot in common with someone it’s nice to explore. The biggest problem is we’re 23 hours apart. It’s a challenge. We’ll see what happens.”

Newswarped would also like to remind Liz that it is also a challenge to get Shane to remain faithful and desist from sexting anyone who looks vaguely female.