August 22, 2019

LulzSec announces its hacking days are over

I say chaps awfully good fun this hacking lark eh?

Secrative but high profile hacking group Lulz Security (LulzSec) has annouced on its Twitter account that it is disbanding.

After an action packed few weeks which saw cyber attacks on such high profile websites as Sony, Nintendo, Fox, PBS, the CIA, and the US Senate.

LulzSec have not given a reason for their sudden disbandment, but said our “planned 50-day cruise has expired.”

The group’s identities remain anonymous but its statement also said that “our crew of six wishes you a happy 2011”.

The are not entirely finished though. There is still the little matter of their memoirs. As a parting shot, the group released a selection of documents including confidential material taken from the Arizona police department and US telecom company AT&T.

In a previous dialogue with the BBC, LulzSec had said it wants to target the “higher ups” who write the rules and “bring them down a few notches”.

Also in an interview with the Associated Press on Friday, a LulzSec member said the group had at least five gigabytes of “government and law enforcement data” from around the world, which it planned to release in the next three weeks.

There is no conformation yet if Ryan Cleary, 19, from Wickford, Essex, is part of the LulzSec group. Cleary was arrested as part of a Scotland Yard and FBI probe into LulzSec and charged with hacking the website of the UK Serious Organised Crime Agency.