June 27, 2019

LulzSec hackers shut down CIA website

Heavy irony here. The guys who do all the shady covert stuff are have shady covert stuff done to them.

The internet hacker group Lulz Security has claimed responsibility for shutting down the public-facing website of the US Central Intelligence Agency.

The alleged hack on the CIA.gov website occurred on the same day as LulzSec opened a telephone request line for fans to suggest potential hacking targets.

Lulz Security said it had used distributed denial-of-service attacks (DDoS) against eight sites suggested by callers.

The CIA website was inaccessible at times on Wednesday but the hack claim could not immediately be verified.

It was unclear if the outage was due to LulzSec’s efforts or to the large number of internet users trying to check out the site.

Newswarped thinks LulzSec will have been successful in targeting the CIA. Their attacks in recent times have shown a level of sophistication and success that indicates they can take down whatever site they choose to target.

LulzSec have inflicted their ‘denial of service’ online attack form of protest on such corporate and governmental heavy weights as Nintendo, Sony and the public-facing website of the US Senate.

Even gaming sites like EVE Online and League of Legends have been targeted.

DDoS attacks typically involve crashing a website by inundating it with requests from computers under the attacker’s control.

Little is known about Lulz Security, other than their apparent “hacktivist” motivation.

The organisations and companies that it targets are often portrayed as having acted against the interests of citizens or consumers.