May 21, 2019

Ma’a Nonu and Andrew Hore sacked by the Hurricanes

Nice jersey Ma'a - a shame it will soon be a thing of the past.

All Blacks Ma’a Nonu and Andrew Hore have been sent packing by Hurricanes management and been told to find another franchise to play for next season.

Hurricanes coach Mark Hammett in his first season with the franchise is re-shaping his squad and getting rid of a whole swag of senior players.

This is a brave move from Hammett as the Hurricanes results this season have been the worst in years and fans have stayed away in droves.

Also reported to be heading out the door are Piri Weepu, Hosea Gear and Corey Jane.

Ask any Hurricanes fan if they would rather have those players or Mark Hammett and the answer would be a almost universally – “show Hammett the door.”

Hurricanes fans were already a bit suspicious of having a Cantab in charge. Especially one that has very little Rugby coaching experience.

Hammett said both Nonu and Hore wanted at least one more season with the Hurricanes. “Both of them would have potentially liked to have done one more season here so because of that there’ll be some hurt feelings around that,” Hammett said.

“If you’re asking if there’s been yelling and screaming, no, of course there hasn’t.” No Mark the yelling and screaming will all be coming from the fans.

The same fans who pay for the competition in the first place. We buy the match tickets and the merchandise. We pay our sky subscriptions to follow the team on the road. But as usual the $#3$%# administrators know better.

Nonu wasn’t taking questions about his sacking but instead read out a statement. “Obviously you’ve heard about what’s happened and I guess it’s true,” Nonu said.

“I guess for myself it’s pretty disappointing, not being required next year. I had nothing to do with the matter but I guess that’s the way it goes. It’s a shame but you move on.”

Nonu thanked his family, fans and the media for their support during his nine seasons at the Hurricanes.

“I’m pretty proud of what I’ve done in this team. In my wildest dreams I thought I would never make the Canes, as a kid and obviously what was special about it, I got to play with my schoolboy heroes. I guess something I could leave behind is something that kids could look up to as well. Hopefully they look up to what I’ve done in this jersey and I can be an inspiration or a role model to them.”

I am not normally a fan of player power, but those senior players had showed loyalty for a lot of seasons and earned the right to have a say in the style of play the team put on the park.

Dave Rennie or Jamie Joseph would have made excellent Hurricane’s coaches, but they were overlooked at different times.

Instead the Hurricanes board have put their faith and an ex-All Black with little coaching experience. They must be friggin geniuses because they can see what everyone else cannot. Hammett was not the right choice.