May 21, 2019

Man hides in suitcase to ‘burgle’ coach passengers

It is much cheaper to travel 'luggage class' on the Girona Airport shuttle coaches. A bit hot and dark though.

Spanish police have arrested two men after breaking a burglary scam on the Barcelona Airport coaches.

One of the men would put a suitcase containing the other man into the luggage compartment of Barcelona’s Girona airport coaches. During the 90 minute round trip the man would raid coach passengers cases for valuables. At the end of the journey the accomplice would reclaim the case.

Police had been on alert after a string of thefts from passengers luggage. Last week a coach company employee noticed a man struggling to put a heavy suitcase in the hold of a coach and alerted the police.

Police officers knocked on the case and noticed that it was warm.

Inside, they found the alleged burglar, who was “doubled up almost like a contortionist” and pouring with sweat. His alleged accomplice had already boarded the coach.

Asked what he was doing, the suitcase man, who wore a head lamp, said he had been unable to pay the coach fare.

The alleged burglar was also found with a sharp tool apparently used for opening zips and locks, as well as a small bag and a mobile phone.

“Once the trip began, he would get out of the suitcase, search for valuable objects and hide them in a smaller bag he carried with him,” a Catalan police spokeperson said.

The two men, both Polish citizens, were arrested for the theft of a laptop and a GPS device. The police are trying to trace other possible victims who have lost property.

The thieves get full marks for ingenuity but any theft from travellers is a major annoyance for the travellers and the authorities. Isn’t the new Europe wonderful where criminal scumbags get to commit crimes in other countries with a better climate than their own?

If we had to choose which job was the best, newswarped bags the job of the guy travelling in the coach rather than the dude stuck in the sweaty suitcase.