May 21, 2019

Mexican drug cartel boss captured

Maybe Jose should just be grateful that the 'Osama' method was not used in his capture.

Mexican police have arrested Jose de Jesus Mendez Vargas, also known as “The Monkey”, in the central city of Aguascalientes.

Mendez Vargas is the leader of one of Mexico’s largest and most powerful drug cartels – La Familia.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has congratulated police on the capture of Mendez Vargas and called it a “great blow to organised crime.”

La Familia has a reputation for violence but claims to protect local communities and promote family values.

Mexico’s security spokesman Alejandro Poire said the arrest had “destroyed the chain of command” of the cartel.

The Mexican Attorney General’s Office said Mr Mendez Vargas was “responsible for the transfer and sale of cocaine, marijuana, crystal methamphetamine in various states of Mexico and the US”.

The La Familia has engaged in some charity work, whichhas seen the gang gain some support among the local population in its home state of Michoacan.

The cartel has also managed to expand its business from its stronghold on the Pacific Coast to other areas of Mexico.

But the arrest of Mr Mendez Vargas could signal a turning point for the powerful group.

The Mexican authorities say it is on the brink of collapse after the arrest of several leaders. They say Mr Mendez Vargas’ arrest constitutes “the biggest blow” to La Familia so far.

But sceptics say the resulting power vacuum could lead to more bloodshed, as rival gangs fight for control of the lucrative drugs business and the trafficking routes towards the United States.

The government had offered a $2.5m reward for information leading to his capture. So newswarped suspects that someone has won the lottery here but is already looking over their shoulder.