September 17, 2019

Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry a possible couple

Commando and the Captain - together at the wedding and several times since.

It seems an unlikely fairy tale but Pippa Middleton and Prince Harry are fast becoming a possible couple in the eyes of some media observers.

When Prince Harry’s brother Prince William married Pippa Middleton’s sister Catherine Middleton in April, Harry and Pippa were thrown together as best man and maid of honour.

They are known to have met together five times since the wedding, including a visit to Prince Harry’s apartment at Clarence House.

The Daily Mail newspaper reports that Pippa calls the Prince Harry ”Captain” – which is his military rank. Harry in return calls her ”Commando”, in reference to the rumours that she was not wearing any underwear on her sister’s wedding day.

The Daily Mail also claims that Prince Harry ended his best man’s speech at the wedding reception with the line “Pippa, call me.”

Pippa Middleton became an international sensation after her role as Maid of Honour at Catherines wedding. It is still unclear if she is still going out with boyfriend Alex Loudon, but the smart money is on him having been ditched in recent weeks.

Pippa has been spotted out and about with George Percy – an ex-boyfriend, flatmate and seriously rich guy. But there doesn’t seem to be any romance spark in it.

So a Harry-Pippa hitch-up is a bit of a longshot but not off the cards. The tabloid press has made hay about other celebrities, off a lot less facts than has been assembled here.