July 19, 2019

President Assad announces ‘general amnesty’ in Syria

Even though you are all thugs, extremists and criminals, I am preparred to forgive you if it means I get to stay on as your dictator.

State television in Syria has announced that President Bashar al-Assad has issued a decree granting a general amnesty for ‘crimes’ committed by protesters before 31st May.

The amnesty covers all political opposition movements, including the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood.

There have been weeks of violent demonstrations across Syria calling for political reform.

The Syrian security forces have cracked down on demonstrators, killing more than 1,000 people and arresting at least 10,000 more, according to human rights groups.

Despite the ‘amnesty’ reports are coming in of Syrian tanks being used against protesters in the central Syrian towns of Talbisa and Rastan.

In an initial reaction, Syrian activists in Turkey described the amnesty as “too little too late”.

“This measure is insufficient,” Abdel Razak Eid, an activist from the “Damascus Declaration” movement told AFP news agency.

“We are united under the slogan – the people want the fall of the regime and all those who have committed crimes brought to account.”

It is unclear if the words of President Assad are going to have any effect on what is happening around Syria. It seems from a neutral viewpoint that there is no going back now for the protest movement. Too much blood has been spilled to enter into any peace negotiations with the Assad regime.