August 22, 2019

Quebec separatists to protest during William and Catherine’s visit to Canada

I have a cunning plan. We will get within hearing distance of Prince William and tell him to get lost.

Quebec separatists are planning to protest during Prince William and Kate Middleton’s visit to Quebec next week.

The separatist Quebecois Network of Resistance (RRQ) plans to organise a rally at noon on Sunday, July 3 at the Quebec City Hall, using the slogan “William, Get Lost!” as its rallying cry. Not wanting to be a party pooper chaps but it is quite hard to ‘get lost’ these days with GPS.

The protest is expected to coincide with the royal couple attending a ceremony intended to showcase the relationship between the Royal 22nd Regiment, Canada’s best-known Francophone military regiment, and Quebec City.

RRQ leader Patrick Bourgeois was his normal friendly self saying “If Prince William and Princess Catherine want to come to Quebec as British citizens for a honeymoon they pay for themselves, we don’t have a problem with it.”

“But if they come at the invitation of the Canadian federal government, which wants to offend and humiliate Quebec separatists, we will be there.” If we are getting technical Patrick, Catherine is not a Princess yet.

Bourgeois sees Prince William’s visit as a purely political operation designed by the federal government to show the world that Quebec knows its place within Canada.

Quebec separatists have a long history of disrupting royal tours. If that is what they want to do then because they live in a parliamentary democracy they can protest if they want to.

Patrick Bourgeois has suceeded in getting publicity for his cause by linking it to the royal tour, but there appears to be little support in Canada for his disruption of William and Kates visit outside of his hardcore followers.

Perhaps he would be better served working on rebuilding the separatist movements parliamentary presence after it was annihilated in the last general election.