August 22, 2019

Sarah Palin’s bus tour keeps everyone guessing

Sarah Palin (right) tries her extra special campaign smile on the chap with the sign, but he has not fallen under her power.

Sarah Palin’s ‘One Nation’ bus tour carries on with no indication yet whether it is the start of a Republican nomination bid or just a burst of self promotion.

In recent weeks the Republican nominees have been dropping like flies as soon as Osama Bin Laden was taken out and President Obama looked imensely good doing it.

Suddenly the crowded field that for months had been jostling each other for the right to defeat a lame duck President Obama were heading for the hills.

What a difference a week can make in politics. That be what Sarah Palin was thinking when she launched her ‘One Nation’ bus tour of historical sites.

We have had Sarah on a Harley, Sarah at Gettysburg, Sarah at the Liberty Bell, Sarah at the Statue of Liberty, Sarah, Sarah, Sarah. There are a number of problems with Sarah’s latest political strategy.

She is calling it ‘One Nation’ when she is one of the most divisive politicians in the United States in recent years. Also the media will tire quickly of endless photo opportunities. It would also be useful if Sarah said something…well….useful.

Undeterred the Queen of the North has carried on her merry way with unwavering smile and cliche ridden speeches. It wouldn’t hurt if she went to some contemporary sites as well. Ones where people are living in the real world and dealing with real problems.

But then living in the past is always a favourite pastime of Mrs Palin and her supporters.

On the plus side for Sarah at least she does everything with enthusiasm.

Newswarped cannot see any way that Sarah Palin can be the candidate to unseat Obama, but there are not too many others sending the charisma richter scale off the chart either.

Sarah might get to go to the ball by default.

As a neutral international observer the thought of Sarah Palin having the missile codes in her handbag is quite chilling.