May 22, 2019

Speculation about health of Hugo Chavez

Hugo Chavez is visited in hospital of the unlikely couple of Raul Castro (right) and Liam Neeson's dad (left).

Two weeks after Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez’s underwent an operation in Cuba for what was ‘officially’ described as a pelvic abscess.

On Friday the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro said Mr Chavez – who is still in Cuba – was in what he called a “great battle” for his health.”

But Vice-President Elias Jaua accused the media of stoking speculation.

“We will have Chavez for a long time!”, he said on Saturday. That is right Hugo “we love you long time,” joined in newswarped.

The main reason for the concern is that Hugo, like Donkey from the Shrek movies has problems “shutting up”

So the fact that Hugo is not flooding the airwaves with his pearls of wisdom means he must be very ill indeed.

Chavez was visiting Cuba as part of an international tour when he had the surgery on 10th June.

On the 12th June he was on the phone to Venezuelan state media to tell them he was recovering quickly, and that medical tests showed no sign of a “malignant” illness.

Mr Chavez is a bid Twitter fan, but his normal avalanche of Tweets wassilentfor 19 days.

Then last Friday some bland Tweets started appearing. Faking communications from Hugo Chavez would be nigh on impossible. It has to be said he is one of a kind when it comes to conveying his ideas on complex issues.

Opposition politicians have complained that it is unconstitutional for Mr Chavez to govern from abroad.

Vice-President Jaua dismissed the speculation about Chavez’s imminent demise, saying “Chavez is a human being who is recovering to continue the battle,” Mr Jaua said.

He might well be recovering Elias, but WHAT is he recovering from?

What we do know from those closest to him is that he is in Cuba and he is in a battle. This is hardly the kind of activity that a man with a pelvic abscess should be indulging in.