May 21, 2019

Steve Jobs launches Apple iCloud

Apple iCloud - the latest cloud device. With so many big players on a digital collision course there are going to be a few 'crash and burns' among the clouds.

Apple has shown the new Apple iCloud service at its annual developers’ conference.

Apple boss Steve Jobs took a break from medical leave to show the features of the new web-based service.

He explained that iCloud was a necessary step because the personal computer was no longer the digital hub of peoples lives.

iCloud will synchronise and co-ordinate the key content that people store and it share across their devices.

Contacts, calendar and mail applications have been re-written so a change to one propagates across the other versions on separate devices.

Anyone buying an app, book or music track for one device will see it replicated on the other Apple devices they own. Similarly, bookmarks for interesting web pages will be shared across all gadgets.

Steve Jobs said “We are demoting the PC and Mac to just be a device, and moving the digital hub centre of your digital life to the cloud.”

This would end the current frustration of keeping content such as photos and songs synchronised.

One key element of iCloud was Apple’s music store iTunes, he said. This now has a iCloud element so music bought on one device can be propagated across all the Apple gadgets that person owns.

There is going to be an avalanche of cloud technology products with Amazon and Google already in the market. Cloud products will cetainly make life easier for multi-gadget in dividuals on the go, but they will also make us highly dependent on digital services providers. But then I guess we were already.