June 27, 2019

Two Indian elephants go on rampage in Mysore

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Two wild elephants have gone on a rampage in the southern India city of Mysore killing at least one person.

Karnataka State officials say the wild elephants walked into the city from a nearby forest, sending residents running for their lives.

One elephant barged into the compound of a women’s college, while the other went crazy in a residential area.

Forest rangers and officials from Mysore Zoo later tranquilised and captured the animals.

A 55-year-old man who left his house in the Bamboo Bazaar area of Mysore after hearing the commotion was trampled to death.

Schools and colleges in the city were closed on Wednesday and extra police had been deployed as a precaution.

State forest department officials said the young elephants came from forest about 35km from the city.

They say that two other elephants remain at large on the outskirts of Mysore.

One official blamed the rampage on human encroachment into areas traditionally inhabited by elephants.

“Unregulated expansion of farm lands and increasing movement of people and vehicles through the elephant corridor are making the wild jumbos enter into villages and towns in search of food and shelter,” he said.

It is reported that the two captured elephants would be released back into the wild.

Newswarped likes that fact that the elephants were not killed and released back into the wild, despite the fatality.

But the young male elephants are going to have to find another way of socialising. Going into town and looking for trouble is not the way to build a stable future and settle down in the forest with a nice girl elephant.