June 19, 2019

US Special Forces shoot rogue soldier who killed Aussie army cook

Lance-Corporal Andrew Jones - A masterchef and and a top bloke. Justice has been done but it doesn't bring him back.

US Special Forces in Afghanistan have shot and killed the Afghan soldier who killed Australian army cook Lance-Corporal Andrew Jones in May.

Lance-Corporal Jones, 25, was shot on May 30 in Afghanistan by Shafied Ullah, a member of the Afghan army who was in a watchtower on sentry duty.

He shot the Australian three times, as Lance-Cpl Jones stepped out of his tent, and then fled the patrol base, evading shots from another Afghan soldier and a search.

Australian troops were on a long term deployment with the American Special Forces unit that tracked the Afghan soldier to his home village in Khost Province, close to the Pakistan border.

It’s understood he was shot after a warning was given for him to surrender.

Australian Defence Minister Stephen Smith said Shafied Ullah was with his brother at time Coalition forces approached him. He drew his pistol before being shot and killed. His brother was been detained and is being questioned, he said.

What is it with the US special forces lately? They are getting their man every time now.

Killing a guy in battle is one thing, but shooting an ‘ally’ in his home base camp is pretty low and deserves a harsh punishment. I guess punishments do get much harsher than ‘death’.