June 19, 2019

Yemen’s President Saleh in Saudi Arabia

Of course my people love me. Only yesterday they told me to wait in the palace because they had a special message for me. But before I could get the message the outlaws attacked me with artillery shells.

Yemen’s president Ali Abdullah Saleh has been flown to Saudi Arabia for medical treatment, only a day after he was wounded when his palace was shelled, Saudi Arabian officials have announced.

Comflicting reports yesterday had Saleh fleeing the country and staying in Yemen following the artillery attack on his palace that left him with a piece of shrapnel below his heart and second-degree burns.

President Saleh has made repeated statements that he will step down but always backs out at the last minute. After Friday’s attack, the president broadcast an audio message on State radio, but has not appeared in public.

In the broadcast, he blamed the attack on an “outlaw gang” of his tribal foes for the attack on him and the unrest in Yemen. Newswarped thinks that President Saleh and Syria’s President Assad could sing a wonderful duet together because they love the same style of lyrics. Of course it would have to be a country and western song, because they enjoy singing ballads about outlaws.

After months of protests and clashes, Yemen is on the brink of civil war. It seems unlikely that President Saleh will make it back to Yemen even if he fully recovers. Especially since his family has been flown out to be with him.

In the last two weeks over 160 people have been killed in clashes between opposition fighters and the security forces.