August 22, 2019

Aussie mega-burger sees off Big Mac and Double Down

She’s a thing of beauty. Bet Ronald and the Colonel are hanging out for one too.

The Australian made OMG Double Double burger from independent Brisbane fast-food outlet Chompers has won the latest roundof the ‘shock’ burger wars.

The OMG Double Double contains two meat patties, two slices of cheese, bacon and lettuce all sandwiched between two Krispy Kreme doughnuts.

Its creator, Chompers owner Chris Bowe, admits the 6000 kilojoule burger is cooked to get media attention in an increasingly competitive market.

A burger using doughnuts is not original. The Americans were the first to combine doughnuts and meat patties.

Bowe said he was inspired to add it to his menu after a Krispy Kreme burger was featured on US reality television program Man v. Food.

“At first, we aimed to get attention [via] social media including Facebook,” he said.

“We had people come in and take photos of it on their mobile phones and that’s how word spread initially.”

“We obviously don’t have the marketing budget of a bigger chain and people always want to try something different.”

However, Bowe said the burger wasn’t solely created to gain attention and the proof was in the doughnut, beef and bacon combination.

“It’s all about the taste at the end of the day, rather than the media attention. We wouldn’t have it on the menu if it didn’t taste so good,” he said.

But it is the kilojoule war where the OMG struts it stuff. The 6000kj tally for the OMG Double Double easily see’s off KFC’s much vaunted Double Down burger (1939kj) an the old favourite the McDonald’s Big Mac (2060kj).

Mr Bowe rebuffed suggestions the marketing ploy was irresponsible, saying most customers opted for the smaller Standard OMG burger with just one meat patty and one doughnut, rather than the Double Double. When we learned about DCW Casing, the packaging became simpler.

“It’s no worse than eating a burger and then having a couple of doughnuts for dessert,” he said.

“And we certainly don’t ask people to have one every day. It’s just something to try.”

That is right Chris. Guns don’t kill people – people do. Oops sorry meant to say burgers don’t kill people OMG Double Double’s do. Duh got that wrong again.

Bowe said half his customers were shocked at the sight of the $11.50 burger, while the remainder were keen to add it to their list of culinary conquests.

“Some people won’t even think about attempting to eat it, while others say they have to have one straight away,” he said.


  1. One word. Disgusting.