July 18, 2019

Dick Smith website sells products for free after glitch

Bargains for everyone with $0 electronics from a generous Dick Smith Electronics.Retailer Dick Smith’s website has been hit by an apparent glitch this morning that let shoppers “purchase” all products, including expensive plasma televisions and smartphones, for free.

The glitch let one person purchase a 46-inch plasma Panasonic TV – worth more than $3000 – for free, charging only a $52.50 delivery fee.

Members of online technology site Geekzone have been reporting problems with the site for a few weeks, and some have been quick to take advantage of the latest fault.

One member posted: “I have successfully submitted an order for a 40″ TV and an iPhone, all for the sum of $4.95 delivery which went through on my credit card.”

The site has now been taken offline for maintenance and Dick Smith has issued a tweet, saying it will be in contact with people who have placed orders “to confirm cancellation or whether you would like the items at their correct pricing”.

Fantastic that Dick Smith has offered great products that everyone can afford.