June 27, 2019

Egypt sacks 669 senior police over protester deaths

They are at it again, those protesters in Tahrir square - Some days the military must long to return to the Mubarak way of dealing with unrest.

Egyptian Interior Minister Mansour Essawy has announced the sacking of 669 senior police officers for their involvement in the killing of protesters during the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak in February.

Among those dismissed were 505 major-generals, including 10 of the interior minister’s top assistants, 82 colonels, and 82 brigadiers.

Egyptian TV reports that 37 of the dismissed officers are to face charges of killing protesters.

In a purely coincidental event, protesters massed on Cairo’s Tahrir Square for the sixth straight day, calling for speedy trials for police officers involved in the killing of protesters and corrupt officials.

But not willing to concede anything else at this stage the military went in the other direction with the parliamentary elections, declaring that they would now be held in October or November instead of September.

Apparently the mainstream parties are not ready to fight an election after years of never having to do much as far as elections go.

The opposition parties however are well organised and ready to go after years of oppression.