June 27, 2019

Elliot Turner in court charged with Emily Longley murder

With so many unanswered questions we hope the murder trial might provide some facts at long last.

Emily Longley’s ex-boyfriend Elliot Turner, 20, has appeared in the Bournemouth Magistrates Court charged with her murder.

The court heard allegations that Turner failed to phone emergency services and attempted to persuade his mother Anita Turner to change her police testimony.

Emily Longley a 17-year-old New Zealander was found dead at Turners parents house in Bournemouth in May.

Elliot Turner has now been remanded in custody to appear at Winchester Crown Court on 28th July.

Earlier, Turner’s parents Anita, 50, and Leigh Turner, 53, appeared in court charged with intending to pervert the course of justice.

The court heard allegations the couple failed to phone emergency services and removed and destroyed evidence relating to Emily’s death.

Their case was adjourned to Bournemouth Crown Court on 3rd October.

Police announced yesterday that Turner had been charged with Emily’s murder, as well as perverting the course of justice.

He had previously been arrested in relation to her May 7 death but not charged with any specific offence.

The cause of death has remained a mystery. Drugs were initially suspected to be behind it but toxicology results later ruled that out.

Turner, a jeweller, had earlier denied killing the aspiring model, telling the NZ paper the Sunday Star-Times three weeks ago that he had no idea how she died. “It is weird. God works in mysterious ways,” he told the newspaper. “The toxicology report was negative, I did not give her any drugs and the post-mortem was inconclusive.”

Turner said he was disgusted he had been suspected as having been involved in the killing. “I find it actually disgusting and hurtful the police arrested me … I sit here and think, not only has the girl I loved so much passed away, I was under suspicion, which I could not believe.”

We will wait for the court case to proceed but it looks like Elliot Turner might be a scumbag.