April 20, 2019

FBI investigating 9-11 phone hacking claim

Aaaargh don't look lest your soul be damned!!! It is the devil himself and one of his witches!!

The FBI is investigating an allegation that people working on behalf of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. tried to hack into the phone messages of September 11 victims.

The decision to investigate was made after Republican Senator Peter King, wrote to FBI Director Robert Mueller demanding an investigation. The FBI are not confirming that, but they have confirmed they are starting an investigation. Just coincidence of course.

While the FBI is busy investigation and we have nothing to report about it yet – how about a look at what else is happening to Rupert and his friends.

On Thursday, Murdoch yielded to pressure from Britain’s Parliament as he and his son James first refused, then agreed, to appear next week before lawmakers investigating phone hacking and bribery by employees of their newspaper empire.

This is not a fun experience as previous people (like the police) who have appeared before the MP’s can attest too. It is not up there with the Inquisition but shares some characteristics.

Also on Thursday, Scotland Yard said it had made its seventh arrest related to the inquiry into phone hacking at the now closed News of the World newspaper. They are not saying who they have arrested but we can be sure they are not having fun right now.

The fuss over Rupert Murdoch and the scuttling of his bid to buy BskyB is truly bizarre. Rupert has always been a hard and successful businessman. Politicians paid homage to him and he was good at keeping his head down.

Now with the fuss over the News of the World phone hacking allegations, suddenly he is the Anti-Christ and shunned by everyone in power. He is still the same guy though. All that has happened is that politicians have bought into a growing hysteria that has a lot in common with the Salem witch trials.

In a few months time after the dust has settled everyone will realise just how silly they have been. Until then they will carry on burning effigies of Rupert and Co and whipping themselves up into a frenzy.