June 19, 2019

Heatwave hits Ontario and Quebec

Fried Canadians seem to be on the menu at the moment.

Central Canada has been hit by a heatwave that has seen some of the hottest temperatures in decades.

Environment Canada has predicted that temperatures in Windsor would hit a staggering 39 C in the shade. “Windsor is going to be the hot spot in Canada,” said David Phillips, senior climatologist for Environment Canada. “We know you’re one of the warm places, but that’s 11 degrees warmer than normal. You don’t see that kind of departure from normal.”

The last record set in Windsor was in 1988 the mercury hit 40.2 C.

Toronto is expected to hit 38 C and with the added humidity it will feel like 49 C.

If the temperature reaches 38 C it would be the hottest day Toronto has seen for more than sixty years.

“It’s hot everywhere,” said Marie-Eve Giguere, a meteorologist with Environment Canada. “Today is definitely the hottest and muggiest day of the summer so far.”

The scorching temperatures can be attributed to a “heat dome,” an infrequent weather pattern that has lingered for the past few days over most of North America, specifically Ontario, the U.S. northeast, southern Manitoba and Quebec.

The weather phenomenon was first created by a high-pressure system that has been absorbing heat from the sun, building up a large bubble of humidity that is slowly moving eastward.

According to weather predictions, the heat wave is expected to stay a while.