August 22, 2019

High speed rail protesters in Italy injure 30 police in clashes

A protester attempts to beat the qualifying mark in rock throwing to earn a place on the Italian left-wing Olympics team.

Clashes between police and protesters over the construction of a high-speed rail link with France through the Italian Alps have left 30 police injured.

The protesters think that, despite safeguards built into the 15 billion euro project, an area of outstanding natural beauty is going to be spoilt.

The latest clashes have taken place in the Val di Susa area, west of Turin.

Five protesters were arrested during Sunday’s clashes by the police, who were pelted with stones and other objects.

Police blamed the disruption on left-wing “black bloc” extremists from Italy and neighbouring countries.

Construction has started on tunnels that will cut the travel time between Turin and Lyon in half. This is good news for all people of the world who are interested in travelling between Lyon and Turin and don’t have much spare time.

Newswarped suspects that with a ratio of 30 police hurt to one protester that the Italian government do not have Syrian ‘civil unrest’ advisors on the payroll.