June 27, 2019

Hundreds dead after boat sinks in the Red Sea

Too often the greed of boat owners and the desperation of ilegal immigrants combine to create a tragedy.

A boat carrying illegal immigrants has sunk in the Red Sea drowning an estimated 200 people.

The boat was enroute to Saudi Arabia from an unknown port of origin when it sank off the Sudanese coast.

The Sudanese Media Centre, a state-linked news agency, said only three people had been rescued.

A fire broke out on board the boat, which was trying to smuggle people to Saudi Arabia, the agency reported.

It said the migrants were from Sudan’s neighbouring countries. It is unclear where the boat had started its journey. Interesting how the Sudanese media will not admit that there were any Sudanese on board.

Regardless of what these people were doing and the legality of their passage, for so many to die in this way is a serious tragedy.