May 21, 2019

Jetstar ‘urinator’ unmasked as NZ netball coach’s son

We might be budget but we offer free inflight showers on long-haul flights. They are special showers too - golden ones.

The Jetstar urinator from last weeks incident on a flight to Singapore has been unmasked as Michael Aitken, son of Silver Ferns coach Ruth Aitken.

Michael Aithken was identified after a photo taken by passengers in a drunken sleep was published in national media.

Ruth Aitken, in Sinapore for the World Netball Chapionships said yesterday that “We have spoken with him and he does not remember anything – but he is hugely embarrassed at what has been reported and the thought that he could have done something like that is just beyond belief really, for all of us – him included.”

Mr Aitken, a Canterbury Universitystudent who plays Under 21 basketball for Canterbury, was six hours into a flight to Singapore last Monday when he woke up from a drunken sleep and started urinating in the aisle of the plane.

Two pasengers where hit by the flying urine, and the inactivity of Jetstar over the incident created international headlines.

Micael Aitken was only given a warning by Jetstar and the police were not called.