September 23, 2019

Massive Marijuana plantation found in Mexico

Mexican marijuana plantation - you can just make out the scarecrow dressed as a Mexican soldier. Would have thought that would scare the drug cartels more than the birds.

Mexican soldiers have found the largest marijuana plantation ever discovered in Mexico. The crop is spread over several fields and covers 120 hectares.

The plantation is four times larger than the previous record holder of the biggest dope plantation in Mexico which was located in Chihuahua State in 1984.

The Defence Department said soldiers made the latest discovery in Baja California State during a patrol this week but didn’t specify where the fields were found.

It is unclear at this stage who the marijuana belongs to and if any of the drug cartels are involved. Troops usually destroy plantations by cutting down the plants and burning them. Taking great care of course not to inhale the smoke man…..oh yeah.