May 22, 2019

Missile warheads stolen from train

It was just like this. I look down and when I look up again the warheads are gone.

Romanian officials are assuring the public there is no danger after 60 missile warheads were stolen off a train in Southern Romania.

The warheads were taken from a railway car carrying military equipment to neighbouring Bulgaria on Saturday. The freight train stopped in Giurgiu, southern Romania, it was found that doors on the railway car had been forced and four boxes of 16 warheads stolen.

Officials are investigating how the theft could have happened while the consignment was being guarded by paramilitary police.

Investigators say the missiles could have been stolen for their scrap metal value, because they had no explosives installed. But how could the thieves have known that? Right now there might be some pissed buyer out there who thought they were buying full warheads – not empty ones.

The warheads belonged to Grad missiles which are normally fired from multiple-rocket launchers.

In a statement the government said the shipment was part of a transfer of “nonfunctional components and parts” for reprocessing at the VMZ factory – one of Bulgaria’s largest military factories – in Sopot.

So have we got that everyone? The train was heavily guarded but someone broke into a carriage and stole 60 warheads. The warheads are not dangerous and contained no explosives. Cool. All totally believable. “Come and and show yourselves…it’s ok our missiles do not have explosives in them.”

Now all we need is for the rest of the missiles in the world to be as useless as the Romanian ones then we might be getting somewhere. Perhaps the scrap metal thieves might take a shine to cleaning out the contents of missile silo’s in the remote Mid-West and Siberia.