July 18, 2019

Norway bomb and gunman terror attack kills dozens

Two workers escape in the aftermath of the Oslo bomb blast.

A Norwegian man has set off a bomb in central Oslo this afternoon and gone on a shooting spree at a youth camp in a terror attack that has seen dozens killed and shocked the world.

A bomb ripped open buildings in the heart of Norway’s government in Oslo killing at least seven people. A square was covered in twisted metal, shattered glass and documents expelled from surrounding buildings, which house government offices and the headquarters of some of Norway’s leading newspapers.

Most of the windows in the 20-floor high-rise where Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg and his administration work were shattered.

Stoltenberg was working at home and was unharmed, according to senior adviser Oivind Ostang.

A man dressed as a police officer also opened fire at an island youth camp where the youth wing of the Labor Party was holding a summer camp for hundreds of youths.

Witnesses report that teenagers were shot in the water as they tried to swim away from the gunman. Early reports suggest that at least 25 people – mostly teenagers – have died in the gun attack. The gunman has been taken into police custody.

This is the worst violence that Norway has experienc3ed since the Second World War, and appears to be the work of an individual who is not happy with the government and has got a very sick way of expressing that resentment.

Police are still trying to get an overview of the camp shooting and could not say whether there was more than one shooter.

Aerial images broadcast by Norway’s TV2 showed members of a SWAT team dressed in black arriving at the island in boats and running up the dock.

Behind them, people stripped down to their underwear swam away from the island toward shore, some using flotation devices.

Acting Police Chief Sveinung Sponheim said the arrested man also was linked to the bombing in Oslo.

Justice Minister Knut Storberget confirmed the arrested man was Norwegian.

“A person has been arrested… I have been informed that he is a Norwegian,” Storberget told a press conference.

Sponheim wouldn’t give any details about the shooting suspect, who he said was dressed in a police uniform when he opened fire into a crowd of youths.

A spokesman for Stoltenberg’s Labor Party, Per Gunnar Dahl, said he couldn’t confirm that there were fatalities at Utoya, about 100 kilometres northwest of Oslo.

The party’s youth wing organizes an annual summer camp on the island, and Stoltenberg had been scheduled to speak there Saturday.

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