June 27, 2019

Pirates seize oil tanker off Somali coast

The MV Juba XX - the latest addition to the Somali Pirate navy.

Pirates have seized an oil tanker in the Indian Ocean and are headed to Somalia with it according to the European Union Naval Force Somalia.

Pirates boarded the MV Jubba XX on July 16 as the ship traveled between the United Arab Emirates and Berbera, Somalia, according to a task force statement.

A patrol plane spotted the ship on Sunday headed for northern Somalia. The task force said it believes nine pirates are aboard the ship, which has a crew of 16. No information about their condition was available.

The MV Jubba XX was not registered with the Maritime Security Centre – Horn of Africa, which provides 24-hour tracking of vessels traveling through the pirate-infested area, the agency said.

Somali pirates have attacked merchant vessels 163 times in the first six months of 2011, up 63 percent over the same period in 2010, according to the International Maritime Bureau’s Piracy Reporting Centre. Twenty-one of those attacks resulted in successful hijackings, the organization said.

Somali pirates were holding 20 vessels and 420 crew members as of June 30, the group said.

Newswarped is thinking that we should just have a standard ‘pirate’ story that we run every week and just change the name of the ship. It seems incredible in this modern age of satellite tracking and military sophistication that these pirates cannot be halted.

Our stunning solution to the problem is to have every ship travelling in the area that is beyond a certain distance from the coast, registered. Everything else in that area that is not registered will be nuked.

Just in case there are some simple pirates out there, we could also have a ‘pirate’ category on the registration form and round up the dudes who tick that box.