August 22, 2019

Prince Andrew quits trade job

Look it is not my fault that the only people who want to meet with me are dictators and sex offenders.

Britain’s Prince Andrew is quitting his post as a UK trade envoy, only four months after coming under fire for his links to a US sex offender.

Prince Andrew, Queen Elizabeth’s second son, has been facing pressure to step down as a British trade envoy because of a string of unfortunate relationships.

He hosted the son of Tunisia’s dictator shortly before a popular uprising overthrew the leader, has ties to Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi’s regime and is friends with billionaire US sex offender Jeffrey Epstein.

Andrew also had ties with Koo Stark and married Sarah Ferguson, if we are keeping a tally of unfortunate liaisons. Sarah even recently acted as his appointments secretary for a time for a small fee.

Since becoming a special trade representative in 2001, the Prince Andrew has also drawn criticism for taking lavish trips in his role as an unpaid ambassador. Newswarped can’t understand the fuss. The Royals only ‘do’ lavish. Economy class is not in their job description.

The palace said on Thursday that he would continue to support UK interests and travel overseas as a senior working member of the Britain’s Royal Family.

He has not said if he is going to continue to meet dodgy individuals who happen to be rich.