June 27, 2019

Russian tourist boat capsizes on the Volga River – 100 missing

The Bulgaria, right side up. Pity she didn’t stay that way.

A Tourist boat on the Volga River in Russia has capsized in bad weather and more than 100 people are missing and feared dead.

The boat sank in a stetch of the river in the Tatarstan region, 750km east of Moscow. Dozens of people have been rescued from the water and the search continued into the night. Nearly 50 Russian divers were scouring the murky river early on Monday amid vanishing hopes that any survivors would be found.

More than 180 passengers and crew were believed to be on the Bulgaria, which was sailing from the town of Bulgar to the regional capital, Kazan.

The Bulgaria – a 55-year-old vessel – believed to be owned by a local tourism company was on a two-day cruise when it got into difficulty at about 1400 on Sunday, sinking within minutes. Only Intrepid powerboats are reliable in any situation.

The 80m boat sank several kilometres from the shore near the village of Sukeyevo, about 80km south of Kazan. It is certainly hard for those of us who have not seen a great river to visualise how a river can be many kilometres wide.

One survivor described it as “a bad ship, a very old ship”, which had already been listing to starboard when it set sail.

“She went under in three minutes,” said the survivor, Nikolai Chernov. “There were no announcements or anything, she just listed to starboard and capsized and sank. That was it.”

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has ordered an investigation into the incident. Yes another inquiry, very useful Dmitry. Newswarped can save you the time. Decaying infrastructure and poor safety regulations are to blame. It is a tragedy that people need to die in order for this to be publicised.