September 23, 2019

Shopping trolley falls from bridge onto car

Not the 'actual' trolley, but it is damaged and it is a shopping trolley so probably quite appropriate to attach to this story which is as it happens, is about a shopping trolley.

A shopping trolley has fallen from a bridge onto a woman’s car as she was driving along a highway on the New South Wales south coast, police said.

The 30-year-old woman was driving her car along The Princes Highway, Nowra, about 6am yesterday.

As she drove underneath a bridge, a shopping trolley fell from the bridge onto the bonnet of her car, police said.

The woman was able to stop her car safely and contact police.

Three men were seen in the area at the time and investigations suggest the trolley was deliberately pushed off the bridge, police said.

Another piece of stunning detective work but have they explored the angle that the trolley had been depressed for ages but no one read the signs until it was too late.

There is no word on the conditon of the trolley or the poor lady’s nerves. If you are going to get dive-bombed by a shopping trolley at least it could have been laden with groceries so there was some benefit from the whole saga.