August 22, 2019

Stun gun found on JetBlue passenger aircraft

JetBlue now offer the perfect inflight weapon to silence those annoying passengers who won't shut up.

A stun gun has been found on a JetBlue aircraft in New Jersey on Friday night and the FBI are curious about how it got there.

“Airline crew found the stun gun in a seatback pocket while cleaning the plane after it landed at Newark Liberty International Airport around 10 p.m.,” JetBlue spokesman Sebastian White said in a statement. You think that JetBlue could have employed a spokesperson with the right coloured name.

The flight, carrying 96 people, originated at Logan International Airport in Boston, but the plane had made several other stops throughout the day, White said.

JetBlue officials turned the stun gun over to New York and New Jersey Port Authority police after it was found, said Port Authority spokesman Steve Coleman. There goes another spokesperson. They are cropping up all over the place in this story. Does anyone know when spokesperson shooting season is? The numbers are getting unsustainable.

The incident is under investigation by the FBI in coordination with the Transportation Security Administration, according to TSA spokeswoman Lisa Farbstein. Bang!! there goes another one.

“All current information indicates this is not part of an attack,” said Special Agent Bryan Travers of the Newark Division of the FBI.

OK so the FBI agrees that normally a stun gun – to be considered part of an ‘attack’ should be attached to the hand of an attacker. If it was being stored for future use then the seat pocket where the cleaners check is not the smartest hiding place. Well done to the FBI for working that one out. Now they can focus on finding out what everyone else wants to know – which is how it got through security and onto the plane in the first place.

Officials at Massachusetts Port Authority, which owns and operates Logan International, had no comment on the incident. Do we take it that they are too stunned to comment?

The Massachusetts Port Authority is currently being sued, along with United Airlines and a private security company, by the family of Mark Bavis, who died aboard United Flight 175 from Logan Airport in the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.

Papers filed in Manhattan Federal Court allege that security screeners at the airport were operating under a general manager who was unaware of the al Qaeda terrorist threat and were unable to detect weapons such as the chemical spray Mace.

Why are they picking on the Port Authority? Many workers the world over work under General Managers who don’t know s#$%. Do we sue them for collecting their salaries and not being aware of what goes on below them on the food chain? No – the companies just give them bonuses.


  1. Well done!
    You are not only asking the questions that I would be
    asking, but you are also answering them. I love your questioning, if
    a little bit poignant and sarcastic. Like me you get the essential points
    About 90% of Alki Eda’s energies are directed at the USA, whose
    airports are under the most stringent conditions to enter and leave that
    you could dream of. I have just watched someone who, like me when I
    flew from the UK to Canada, had to remove my shoes – twice –
    before I could get on the aircraft. My pocket knife which I had had for
    over 30 years was binned. I lost my deoderant because it was too large.
    Someone gets a stun gun on an American aircraft !
    America’s common sense falls in direct relationship to it’s rise in


    • Hi Bunts,

      Thanks very much for commenting and sharing your thoughts. It seems to be murphy’s law that ordinary people who just want to travel get made to jump through all sorts of security hoops but weird stuff like stun guns seem to get through the net no worries.