June 24, 2019

Teen kills parents then throws a party

A photo of the murder weapon shown on WPLG TV. Tyler must have been a bit thick. He was supposed to go to the party and get hammered. Not hammer his parents before the party.

A Florida teenager is accused of bashing his parents to death with a hammer. He then threw a party for 60 of his friends he had invited on Facebook.

Tyler Hadley, 17, had already sent out invites on his Facebook account by the time he got to ‘kill my parents’ on his ‘to-do’ list.

At his home in Port St. Lucie, on Saturday afternoon, he used a 56-centimetre framing hammer to beat his parents to death.

Port St. Lucie Police spokesman Tom Nichols said Blake and Mary-Jo Hadley were allegedly beaten in the head and torso outside their master bedroom.

Tyler then dragged their bodies into the room and covered them up with “books, files, towels, anything that he could find inside the home to cover the bodies”, Mr Nichols said.

About 60 of his friends then turned up for the party, where a rumour went around that Hadley had killed his parents.

Police were tipped off about the killings and went to the home about 4.20am on Sunday, where a “nervous” Hadley told police his parents were out of town, police captain Don Kryak said.

Officers found the alleged murder weapon lying between the bodies.

Police are unsure of a motive, but a partygoer told a local television station that the teenager killed his parents because they wouldn’t let him throw the party.

Mr Hadley worked at a local nuclear plant and his wife was a teacher in the area for 24 years.

The couple had lived in the house where they were killed for about a decade and an older brother had moved out a few months ago (smart move Bro).

This is a real tragedy. What gets into a 17 year-olds head that he thinks killing his parents is a good idea? Do we blame Facebook? It seems to be a common thread in a lot of these cases.