May 21, 2019

Tropical Storm Arlene hits Mexico leaving 17 dead

The destruction on the ground is heartbreaking so we will look at Tropical Storm Arlene from space instead. She looks quite pretty from this distance.

The death toll in Mexico from Tropical Storm Arlene has risen to 17 with thousands of people made homeless.

The storm struck on Thursday and its effects were felt for several days.The death toll was expected to rise as investigators worked to confirm reported incidents in the state of Oaxaca.

Mexican media report that the youngest victim reported so far was 12-year-old Uriel Escobar, who was electrocuted Friday after touching a downed power line.

Juan Carlos Orantes,the Director of Emergencies for the Mexican Civil Protection Agency said “We are expecting still more intense storms; however, we’ve had a brief stoppage for now.”

In Veracruz, Alfredo Garcia, 21, was found dead in his car after it was overcome by floodwaters. In the same state, Damien Islas died while trying to save a group of people from a collapsing house, Mr Orantes said.

The dead include five from Hidalgo, two from the state of Tamaulipas, another two in Guerrero, three more in Veracruz and three in San Luis Potosi.

Tropical Storm Arlene is the first named storm of the Atlantic hurricane season.