June 19, 2019

Turkey recognises Libya Rebel Transitional Council

Despite what Darth Vader says we think the Rebel Alliance is an ok bunch of guys who will let us continue our contract to construct the death star.

Turkey has recognised the rebel Transitional National Council in Libya as the true representative of Libya’s people, with the Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu saying it was time for the Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi to go.

Turkey has pledged a further $200m in aid for the rebels in addition to $100m announced last month. Newswarped is wondering if we form a rebel transitional council and oppose Muammar Gaddafi can we have some aid too? Just a measly $100,000 would help our cause. We are also wondering where Turkey gets all this spare cash from when many parts of Turkey are not that flush in the wealth department. I suppose that is what they call ‘politics’. Something peasants like us are never meant to dabble in or understand.

The rebel Transitional Council has also rejected an initiative by the African Union to sponsor talks between them and the government in Tripoli.

Rebel spokesman Abdel Hafiz Ghoga said: “We have rejected it. It did not include the departure of Gaddafi, his sons and his inner circle.”

But Transitional National Council head Mustafa Abdul Jalil has conceded that Colonel Gaddafi is welcome to live out his retirement inside Libya as long as he gives up all power (and his life?).

“As a peaceful solution, we offered that he can resign and order his soldiers to withdraw from their barracks and positions, and then he can decide either to stay in Libya or abroad,” he told Reuters news agency.

“If he desires to stay in Libya, we will determine the place and it will be under international supervision. And there will be international supervision of all his movements.”

Turkey’s foreign minister met Mr Jalil in Benghazi, the rebels’ main stronghold in eastern Libya, before addressing a news conference in the city.

“Public demand for reforms should be answered, Gaddafi should go and Libya shouldn’t be divided,” said Mr Davutoglu.

“I am here to express solidarity with the Libyan people. Their legitimate right should be realised, there should be a permanent solution to the crisis, which is possible only through a political solution based on the demands of the Libyan people.”

Of course the political support and generous aid package from Turkey has nothing to do with billions of dollars of construction projects that were being undertaken by Turkish companies in Libya prior to the anti-Gaddafi uprising in February. We are certain that the likely victory of the rebels has not coloured the Turkish governments thinking in any shape or form. Also of no concern to the politicians is the fact that Libya has massive oil wealth.

However newswarped is starting to suspect that there may be a connection between Turkey’s lack of support for our cause and the fact we have not signed up a Turkish company to add a room onto our modest house in suburban Paraparaumu.

My chief advisor Jafa the cat has just whispered in my ear “if this was Chad no-one would give a shit.” Maybe she has a point.