June 27, 2019

US man dies playing ‘Russian roulette’ at party

It is always good to check the odds before pulling the trigger.

A man in the US state of Colorado is no longer with us after shooting himself in the head during a game of Russian roulette.

Anthony Martin, 21, and other men were drinking and playing with a gun before the incident, Pueblo Police Sgt Eric Bravo told the Pueblo Chieftain.

Mr Martin died at the scene early on Sunday. Which is what you tend to do when shot in the head at close range.

Investigators believe he did not know the gun was loaded, Sgt Bravo said. No arrests were made.

“Apparently [Martin] and a group of guys were playing with this gun throughout the night,” Sgt Bravo said.

“They saw this young man playing Russian roulette and it went off and killed him.”

Investigators concluded Mr Martin had acted alone and the gun was legally registered to one of the men at the party, Sgt Bravo said.

What Anthony Martin did was not the smartest move. But the statements do not ring true. Guys drunk at a party and playing with a gun like to show off to each other.

The way the witness statements go it was like Anthony Martin was sitting by himself and just put the gun to his head.

Normal ‘young guy’ behaviour dictates you usually do that kind of stuff when there is an audience and you get some recognition for your efforts.

Newswarped would also like to see the gun owner being held accountable for the safety of his weapon in his care. Leaving it lying around with a bullet in the chamber should be a criminal offence.

But hey he was just exercising his constitutional right to protect himself. God bless the gun lobby!! Come to think of it the roulette thing would be a great ‘icebreaker’ game at their annual gatherings.