June 24, 2019

Wali Karzai assassinated by security chief

Guys like Wali Karzai usually get shot over money. It won't be about religion.

Ahmed Wali Karzai, the half-brother of Afghan President Hamid Karzai has been assassinated at his home in Kandahar by his security chief.

Ahmed Wali Karzai was a leading power broker in Southern Afghanistan, was shot dead at his house by his long-time head of security, Sardar Mohammed, who was himself killed almost immediately by guards.

Kandahar Police Chief Abdul Razeq told reporters that Mr Mohammed had travelled to Mr Karzai’s home early on Tuesday, saying he needed to show documents to his boss.

“The man carried his pistol through the security checks to Wali Karzai’s room. As soon as Wali Karzai came out of the bathroom, he opened fire and shot him in the head and chest,” Mr Razeq said.

The Taliban said they carried out the attack, calling it one of their top achievements in 10 years of war. Hey well done to you Taliban. Let’s call that a top ten achievement!! Bet your mothers are proud of their sons’ latest murder.

Khaled Pashtun, a Kandahar province politician, was quick to pour cold water on the Taliban claims, saying the Islamist group had claimed responsibility for many attacks in the past without much evidence of their involvement.

The White House has jumped up and down with indignation and condemned the assassination “in the strongest possible terms”. Well that was powerful stuff. The Taliban are going to call off their summer offensive after that comment.

Honestly, some days in the Pentagon they must get so frustrated with the whole Afghanistan thing that they must be tempted to have a junior officer ‘accidently’ drop a nuclear bomb on the whole Taliban ridden place and end it. What would the Pentagon claim that was on the achievement scale? It has got to be top 5 material.

Wali Karzai was Mr Fixit in Southern Afghanistan. Holding it together for his bro in Kabul, battling the Taliban, solving his peoples squabbles and if NATO are to be believed – arranging drug deals and bribing officials.

It is probably just as well that security chief Sardar Mohammed got taken out after assassinating his boss. It would have been a bit awkward at his annual performance review with such a fundamental KPI as keeping the boss alive, not achieved. Razeq would have ended up on a performance improvement plan and probably lost most of his bonus.