June 27, 2019

Woman fakes birth pains to get off speeding ticket

I think I feel another contraction coming - but this time it is in my bank balance.

A heavily pregnant woman has faked labour pains to get a driver off a speeding ticket. Police stopped a car after clocking it at more than 146kmh along State Highway 29 west of Tauranga, in the North Island of New Zealand.

Officers found a woman passenger with her feet on the dashboard apparently about to give birth, and making all the right noises.

The cunning plan started to unravel when police officers swung into action. Part of the highway was cordoned off and an ambulance was summonsed to rush her to Tauranga Hospital.

At the hospital the police realised they had been conned when the woman immediately discharged herself and fled to a waiting car, which sped off through red traffic lights.

The driver of the speeding car was caught and would now face serious driving charges, according to an unhappy acting senior sergeant of the Western Bay of Plenty road policing unit Mark Holmes.

“I think she’s tried using her pregnancy to put a smokescreen to give some justification for the driver’s actions,” he said. They are certified geniuses these cops.

Acting senior sergeant Holmes also announced that the woman in the car was seven-and-a-half months pregnant. Lets hope she doesn’t get caught short on the way to hospital to give birth and needs help from the police. “I don’t believe you madam!! Until I see a screaming newborn baby we are not calling an ambulance.”