August 22, 2019

Aussie teen freed after 10 hour bomb necklace drama

A bomb strapped around her neck? Weird stuff happens in Sydney.

Australian police have freed a young woman in Sydney after a 10 hour effort to deal with a suspected bomb around her neck that was strapped to her body.

Madeleine Pulver, 18, called police from her home in Mosman – a wealthy Sydney suburb – at 14:30. She says she had been studying for her exams when an intruder, wearing a balaclava, reportedly entered the house and placed a potentially explosive device around her neck.

Police said the device was “very elaborate, very sophisticated” but would not comment on media reports that it was part of an extortion attempt. There were reports of a note left at the scene.

Police said the process to remove the device was a delicate and painstaking operation and that they had sought the help of British bomb-disposal experts.

Police say a motive is unclear at this stage, but said the woman had had previous contact with the intruder. Ok so he had a balaclava on but she knew who he was? Or did a balaclava clad guy often come and sit in her room while she studied. Only this time he brought a bomb with him. There is more to come out of this story yet. Don’t be surprised if there is the odd twist or two. Truth is usually stranger than fiction.

Ms Pulver was finally reunited with her parents just after midnight.

Bomb experts were still examining the device, but it was still not clear if it was a viable bomb.