June 25, 2019

Boy calls police to complain about having to do housework

The sooner kids learn that life is filled with hard work the better.

An 11 year-old in Germany has called the German police emergency line to complain about “forced labour” after his mother told him to help clean their house.

Police say the boy the boy was from Aachen, and spoke to an officer saying “I have to work all day long. I haven’t any free time.”

His mother told the officer the boy had kept threatening to call them, having repeatedly complained of having to do housework during the school holidays.

A transcript of the conversation, printed in local newspapers, revealed the officer asking the boy to describe the kind of “forced labour” he was doing.

The boy replied that he had to clean the home and terrace, it said.

Asked if he knew what forced labour was, the boy said he did, and the police officer asked to speak to his mother, who at that stage was standing next to him.

She explained he had called after being asked to pick up paper from the floor, adding: “He plays all day long and when told to tidy up what he’s done, he calls it forced labour.”

That is right – kids of the world unite and rebel against parental oppression. Every child should have the right to live in filth and squalor rather than be humiliated by unreasonable demands from tidy parents.