August 22, 2019

Crime boss gunned down in Israel

Francois Abutbul seen here in an earlier scrape with the law before his career ending encounter with a motorcycle.

Francois Abutbul – one of Israel’s most prominent organized crime gangters has been gunned down in a drive-by shooting.

Police say two men on a motorcycle opened fire (newswarped thinks that maybe one of them was steering the bike and one shooting) on Francois Abutbul early Sunday as he stopped to fill up at a gas station north of the coastal city of Netanya.

Police say the Abutbuls are one of the most powerful families in Israeli organized crime. Abutbul ran the family business along with his brother Assi, who serving jail time for extortion, arson and unlawful imprisonment.

The family patriarch, Felix, was assassinated in 2002 at a Prague casino.

Gang violence has been rising in recent years, with incidents of rocket attacks, bombings and shootings in public places.

Police say one of Abutbul’s bodyguards was lightly wounded in the shooting. No suspects have been arrested.

Well who would have thought it? All this time the Israeli government has been telling the world that it is Hamas that is firing rockets, planting bombs and shooting people in Israel. Turns out that some of it is the Abutbul family and all their friends, enemies and aquaintances.

Newswarped thinks that it would be much safer to be a disorganised crime boss. They never seem to get assassinated. But the organised ones are getting popped off all the time.