August 22, 2019

David Cameron says police tactics for riots were wrong

Police have identified the man in front as David Cameron - the leader of a band of thugs preparing to loot the treasury.

British Prime Minister David Cameron says that the police have admitted they got their riot tactics wrong when faced with mass looting in London and other cities in England.

David Cameron told MPs the riots in cities across England were “criminality pure and simple”, but there were “far too few police” on the streets.

More than 1,500 arrests have been made since the unrest began on Saturday.

The courts have been flooded with a diverse mix of people, from estate agents, to engineering and business students. There are even some unemployed yobs among those facing trial.

David Cameron told MPs that it had become clear there had been problems in the initial police response to the disorder.

“There were simply far too few police deployed on to our streets and the tactics they were using weren’t working,” said the prime minister.

“Police chiefs have been frank with me about why this happened.”

“Initially the police treated the situation too much as a public order issue – rather than essentially one of crime.”

“The truth is that the police have been facing a new and unique challenge with different people doing the same thing – basically looting – in different places all at the same time.”

Mr Cameron announced that he is considering a whole stack of totalitarian measures to combat the unrest. He is going to do everything except address the underlying causes.

Newswarped is confused that with so much unrest that politcians are afraid to deploy the military. Surely in such exceptional circumstances it was the best chance of restoring order.

We also hope that the UK government is equally strong about applying strict measures to prevent the ongoing problem of politicians and corporates looting the general population of their hard earned income.