July 17, 2019

Dougherty Gang captured after shootout in Colorado

Lee Grace Dougherty - part time stripper and full time redneck.

The three siblings dubbed the ‘Dougherty Gang,’ wanted for bank robbery and the attempted murder of a police officer have been arrested in Colorado after a nationwide manhunt.

State police said the two brothers and sister, were captured after a 100mph car chase that ended with a crash and shootout.

Last week the trio shot at police in Florida and robbed a Georgia bank.

They three had been on the run for more than a week when they were spotted at a campsite in Colorado.

Lee Grace Dougherty, 29, her brother Ryan, 21, and half-brother Dylan Dougherty Stanley, 26, fired shots at Colorado authorities during the chase on Wednesday that ended in their capture.

During the shootout that led to her arrest, Lee Grace was shot in the leg near the town of Walsenburg, in southern Colorado, authorities said.

One of the brothers fled on foot but was captured at a nearby hotel, they said.

They had been on the run since 2 August, when they fired at least 20 shots at a police officer who tried to pull them over for speeding in Florida, authorities say.

Several hours later, three people wearing masks and armed with an assault rifle and a pistol robbed a bank in Valdosta, Georgia, some 200 miles north.

The siblings’ mother, Barbara Bell, had pleaded through the media over the past week for the trio to give themselves up.

“You’ve made some bad mistakes, but so far no-one has been physically harmed,” she said.

“The only safe thing, the only right thing, the only good possible thing to do is for you to turn yourselves in.”

She told ABC News on Tuesday that she hoped Dylan Stanley, the sibling with the shortest police record, would convince his brother and sister to surrender. Cool lets appeal the the least baddest apple in the bunch. Maybe he has a small flicker of conscience left.

Ryan Dougherty has been arrested 14 times on felony charges and has also been accused of sending explicit text messages to an 11-year-old girl on the social networking website MySpace.

Lee Grace, who had been working part-time as a stripper in Florida, had previously been arrested five times for hit-and-run accidents and misdemeanours.

She had written about herself on her profile on photo sharing website Flickr.com: “I love to farm and shoot guys and wreck cars. I’m a redneck and proud of it”.

With fine upstanding citizens like this America is in good shape to tackle the challenges of the new Millenium.