September 23, 2019

Egypt murder trial starts with Mubarak in cage

The latest exhibit at the Cairo Zoological Gardens.

The trial of Egypt’s ex-President Hosni Mubarak on corruption and murder charges has begun in Cairo with Mubarak wheeled into the courtroom in a hospital bed and placed in a cage.

The 83 year-old former leader has denied charges of corruption and ordering the killing of protesters.

He is on trial with his sons – Alaa and Gamal; ex-Interior Minister Habib al-Adly and six other former officials.

The trial is taking place at Cairo police academy and 3,000 soldiers and police have been drafted in to maintain order in and around the building.

When the charges were read out Mubarak said “I deny all these accusations completely.”

So the theme for today is ‘lies’. Hosni is lying in his bed saying the charges against hime are lies. The prosecution say he is lying by denying the charges. Meanwhile dozens of protesters lie in graves and their relatives are waiting for someone to be held accountable.

Police do not pull the trigger unless someone orders them to do it. Help us out here Hosni – any ideas?