June 27, 2019

Japanese student dies after Niagara Falls plunge

Horseshoe Falls from the air. Beautiful to look at but deadly for freestylers.

A Japanese international student studying in Toronto is presumed dead after she slipped and fell from rocks on the Canadian side of the Niagara Falls on Sunday night.

Canadian police say the woman, in her 20s, climbed onto a pillar overlooking the Canadian side of the falls about and slipped over.

She then fell into the Niagara River about 80ft back from the edge of the falls and was swept over.

The Niagara Parks Police described the death as a “tragic accident”.

Her body was yet to be recovered 12 hours after the accident.

The Niagara Parks Police Department was quick to get their PR message of caution, and “it is not our fault” out there, saying;

“The public is reminded that climbing over this wall is clearly dangerous and is prohibited by the Niagara Parks Act and its regulations,” said Niagara Parks Police Chief Doug Kane.

“Millions of visitors have viewed the scenic Niagara falls and the Niagara River gorge while respecting the safety wall without incident.”

Nice one Doug – we know it is not your fault.

Like most things these days – including the London riots – the incident at Table Rock on the Horseshoe Falls side was captured on CCTV.

The woman, who was visiting with a friend, had been taking a photograph, then climbed onto a pillar holding an umbrella before standing up for a clearer view.

She lost her footing as she tried to climb down from a block pillar and tumbled into the fast-moving river, police said.

In a bizarre twist – searchers looking for her body, instead found the body of an unidentified male at the base of the falls.


  1. //Nice one Doug – we know it is not your fault.//

    Nice one “giff”

    And he knows you know it’s not his fault. What a stupid thing to write. If you don’t understand the reason why such statements are made, maybe you should get into stamp licking.