August 22, 2019

Jealous wife trashes wrong house with car

The Nelson District Court - just as well hubby didn't say his lady friend lived here. The damage bill might have been a lot more.

A 25 year-old woman in Nelson, New Zealand has ended up in the Nelson District Court following and angry rampage with a car that saw her trashing the wrong apartment.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Chris Stringer said the woman and her husband were having marital problems, and on June 30 they were driving in Nelson.

Mr Stringer said the woman became furious after reading text messages from another woman, and demanded that her husband tell her where the other woman lived. They then drove to a Trafalgar St address.

The woman was angry and upset and demanded to know which apartment the woman lived in.

Mr Stringer said the woman accelerated suddenly and crashed through the closed gates of the apartment complex, before accelerating again and smashing into the garage of an apartment.

Her husband ran off, and the woman backed out of the driveway, colliding with a parked car and forcing a resident to jump out of the way.

She then drove a short distance before parking and waiting for police.

Mr Stringer said the woman’s husband then told her that the other woman did not live in the apartment she had hit.

The woman was granted name suppression and admitted to causing $42,823 worth of damage at an apartment complex in Trafalgar St.

Police are looking for $42,823 reparation which is an amazing coincidence. Newswarped is also wondering if the woman is seeking a new husband. Certainly he didn’t manage to come up with a winning strategy when his wife went on the warpath. Is she better off without him or is she a bunny boiler? Or both?