August 22, 2019

Jonathan Kirkpatrick arrested over missing AUT money

Rule #1 - don't open the door when you know it is the media outside.

Police have arrested Jonathan Kirkpatrick over “accounting discrepancies” totaling more than $500,000 at the Auckland University of Technology.

As the matter is before the courts the police will only say that they have arrested a 53 year-old, unemployed man and charged him with theft. Actualy it is “false accounting and using a document” but at the end of the day it is theft no matter how you dress it up. Make that ‘alleged’ theft just to be precise.

Newswarped can point out for you that Jonathan Kirkpatrick happens to be 53 years-old and recently resigned as chief executive of the university’s Business Innovation Centre after an internal investigation. That makes him unemployed.

Mr Kirkpatrick is the former Dean of St Paul’s Cathedral in Dunedin and ex-partner of former Labour MP Tim Barnett.

Mr Kirkpatrick had worked at the university since 2002.

He has a long history in the Anglican Church and until recently had been the priest in charge of St Albans in Balmoral. However, a church spokesman said Mr Kirkpatrick no longer held any role of responsibility in the church.

Yeah that is right, just like Pontius Pilate, everyone is washing their hands of Jonathan rather quickly. Let us not forget that he has achieved a lot in his career. He might have made some dumb choices around managing other peoples money lately, but that needs to be separated from all Jonathan has accomplished if possible.

Sure it taints it all but he doesn’t deserve to have his life flushed down the gurgler and have a ‘virtual’ death sentence imposed.