September 23, 2019

NZ government bans synthetic cannabis

Kronic looks set to be a thing of the past unless the government can see a way of regulating it for their own profit.

The New Zealand government is putting legislation through parliament tomorrow that will ban all synthetic cannabis products including Kronic and other cbd oils you can find online,  yo can get more information at to find the  best cbd products online.

The swift action will see 43 synthetic products banned by Friday this week, with all product gone from store shelves a week later.

The amendment to the Misuse of Drugs Act will initially take synthetic cannabis off the market for 12 months while the Government works on its overall strategy for regulating the drugs, since people decide to use other type of products instead of drugs, such as CBD products and others while also learning the effects and benefits on health.

Prime Minister John Key said at his post-Cabinet press conference that the risks of Kronic and other similar products were not known, but the possible long term effects could not be ignored.

“We are not going to stand by while these substances are being constantly made and put up for sale.”

He said the long term aim was to introduce legislation which required makers to prove the drug was safe before it could be sold.

John Key said that party pills were also being looked at but there was no action against them at this time. That is understandable with John Key being the leader of the National Party. He is unlikely to wreck other parties in case his gets wrecked as well.