August 19, 2019

Piers Morgan under pressure over phone hacking allegations

Return to the Uk? Whatever for? I am not even sure where it is exactly these days.

British journalist Piers Morgan, now carving out a lucrative career in the United States as a celebrity interviewer for CNN is under increasing pressure to return to Britain to explain what he knows about the country’s phone hacking scandal.

The heat was turned up on Morgan, 46, when Heather Mills, the ex-wife of Sir Paul McCartney, accused newspaper group Trinity Mirror PLC of accessing her voicemail messages.

Morgan edited the company’s flagship Daily Mirror newspaper between 1995 and 2004.

Some lawmakers have called on Morgan to return to Britain to answer questions about the scandal, but his spokesman, Meghan McPartland, said he had no immediate plans to leave for Britain.

On his Twitter feed, Morgan made light of the situation, saying he found it “so heartwarming that everyone in UK’s missing me so much they want me to come home.”

Mills’ allegation, made yesterday in an interview with the BBC, centres on a phone call she said she received from a senior Trinity Mirror journalist in 2001, before she and McCartney were married.

In the call, the journalist referred to relationship problems she was having with the former Beatle. When Mills asked how he knew, she said the journalist quoted a voicemail left by McCartney on her phone word-for-word. She said that when she then accused him of breaking into her phone and threatened to call the police, he admitted it and promised not to run a story on the couple’s fight.

In an article published by the Daily Mail in 2006, Morgan said that he had been played a tape of a message McCartney had left on Mills’ cell phone in the wake of one of their fights.

“It was heartbreaking,” Morgan wrote. “He sounded lonely, miserable and desperate, and even sang ‘We Can Work It Out’ into the answerphone.”

In a statement released Wednesday, Morgan described Mills’ allegation as unsubstantiated and noted that the judge in the couple’s divorce case had cast aspersions on her credibility.

Politicians on both sides of the political divide in Britain have been queuing up to call for Piers Morgan to return to the UK and share what he knows. In fact it might be easier to list the politicians who have not called for Morgan’s return.

Piers Morgan should have learned form the Rupert Murdoch saga that once the mainstream media has stoked public sentiment about phone hacking and a new target has been identified, then resistance is futile.

Piers should bite the bullet, return to the UK, say nothing much and then hope it all goes away. The longer he stays away from the UK the more it looks like he is guilty of something.

Newswarped thinks it must be an interesting experience for Morgan being the hunted when he is usually the hunter.

Heather Mills is just happy to be knocked off the top spot of the ‘most hated person’ in Britain list by Rebekah Brooks.